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A summary of the NorCal High School racing league, and how the races typically work:

NorCal is one of many high school racing leagues in the country. It is split into two different conferences, North and South. The ECHS team is part of the South conference. In each conference, teams are split into two different categories (D1 and D2) depending on how many racing riders they have. D1 teams have 12 and above, while D2 teams have 11 or  fewer. The ECHS team is a D1 team.

Racers are broken into the categories Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, and Varsity, with boy and girl categories for each. The North and South conferences race on different days. The race is at the same venue for only one weekend, although this might change if one venue is rained out and we have to move to a course that is better suited for wet weather. A race weekend might look like the following:

Category Time of Start
Varsity Girls 9:00
JV Girls 9:05
Sophomore Girls 9:10
Freshman Girls 9:15
Sophomore Boys (D1) 10:40
Sophomore Boys (D2) 10:45
Freshman Boys (D1) 10:50
Freshman Boys (D2) 10:55
Varsity Boys 12:30
JV Boys (D1) 12:35
JV Boys (D2) 12:40

When everyone is finished and the start/finish area is taken down, the podium begins, starting with Freshman girls D1 and ending with Varsity boys. After all of the single rider categories have been called, the team awards are given. Podium usually takes about 30 minutes, after which we all pile into cars and take off. If you still have questions about race day and racing in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to riders, parents, and coaches who have raced before!