2020-2021 Season

What to expect this season

Due to COVID-19, this season will not look like previous seasons.  Gone are activities like indoor spin and core, driving to favorite trials, participating in big league races and parties. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  This season, we will continue to train.  There may still be league race we can participate in or riders might want to compete in non-league races.  We’ll hold some virtual races.  We’ll also do some fun adventure rides. The most important thing is to get exercise and stay healthy. Just because this season will look different, I do expect the same commitment from all riders. If you want to be part of the team, you need to come to all practices except for when ( and especially) if you’re sick or have a valid excuse.

As with everything COVID, expect things to change along the way.  And we’ll try to have as few Zoom calls as possible.

Guidelines for the 2020-2021 Season

COVID-19 is a serious and deadly virus. Our understanding of it and recommendations for handling it safely is constantly changing. These guidelines are designed to help protect our student athletes and coaches. The team will be flexible and will adapt as the season progresses if things change or we learn new things. Therefore this is a living document. Please take these guidelines seriously. Please be patient with us as we do our best to keep everyone happy, safe and healthy this season.

All riders & parents must read and sign this document.


The season will begin on December 1st, 2020 and end on May 30th, 2021

We will ride on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

During the week, we’ll start at 3:30pm.  On the Sunday we’ll start at 8:30am.  End times will vary due to sunset.


All rides will start at end at the High School.  We’ll post more about specific meeting places later.

As we are a mountain biking team, we’ll do most of our rides in Tilden.  But so we don’t get bored of Tilden, we’ll do rides on the roads and all around.

If you ride group and ride leader wants to do a longer ride, you can go further.  But this must be planned ahead of time and OK’d with parents.


We are a mountain bike racing team.  There may or may not be races this year.  But most of you have said you still want to train to get faster and work on your skills.  Therefore we’ll continue to  ride according to a training plan this year, but we’ll add in some fun.

Each week we’ll ride according to a training plan.  This training plan will help you get faster through the season.

Once a month we’ll hold a virtual race. This is your chance to see how you’ve improved over the season.

Each week we’ll do some sort of fun adventure ride.  See below for some ideas.

Virtual Races

The team will hold virtual races.  We’ll compete against our own team or other local teams.


  • A course will be posted and segments identified.
  • Ride groups will pre-ride the course at practice get familiar with it.
  • Riders will be timed on segments using Strava.
  • The segments will only be uphills or flats.  No downhills.
  • The segments will not go through any stops signs or intersections.
  • Riders will ride the course and compete on the segments. You are only timed on the segments. So catch your breath on the untimed segments.
  • Your time on each segment will be added up.  Sprint segments are multiplied by 3.  The person with the lowest time wins.
  • You will complete against others in you level: Freshman, Sophomore, JV, Varsity.  Boys and Girls separately. You will be assigned a level early in the year. There will also be a coaches division (except Nate).
  • If racing against another team, the top score in each level will be added up.  If a level is unrepresented, the average of a teams level will be added. The team with the lowest score wins.

Here are 2 examples of virtual races.  The coach will work with interested member of the team to come up with other virtual races.

ECHS MTB Virtual Race – Around South Park

Our first race will be a ride on the trails around South Park. The loop is just shy of 6 miles.  Freshman and Sophomore will do 1 lap.  JV and Varsity will do 2 laps.

Route on Strava

You will be timed on Strava on 3 segments:

The route goes down South Park Road, but feel free to take South Park Single Track for more fun.

ECHS MTB Virtual Race – Shreddy Meadows Short Track

There are a few variations on the short track we can do here:

Time Trial

Don’t worry, we’ll still do the Time Trial this year 😎


The time trail is a great way to judge your change in fitness over the season.

Adventure Rides

Adventure rides are an adventure on your bike.  They’re fun.  They challenge your creativity.  They encourage working as a team.  Here a are a few ideas.  The coach will work with interested riders to come up with more adventure ride ideas through the season.

Scavenger Hunt – Find Objects

We’ll have many scavenger hunts through out the season.  Before a scavenger hunt, the coach will pick 1 or more riders to come up with a list of things to find.  For example: a cow,  a fire truck, a redwood tree, a view of the bay, etc..

Teams will have have a set amount of time to ride and find these items.  At each place the team needs to take a picture with the item with the team and post it to the Slack Channel: #scavenger-hunt.

The best photos will be posted Instagram.

Scavenger Hunt – Follow the Clues

Team will be given a clue.  They need to solve the clue, ride to the location to find a clue to the next location.

Teams will have have a set amount of time to ride and find these items.  At each place the team needs to take a picture with the item with the team and post it to the Slack Channel: #scavenger-hunt.

The best photos will be posted Instagram.

Dirt to Burrito / Ice Cream

A location, such as a burrito shop or ice cream shop will be posted before you the ride.  Your goal is to get their under a time limit by riding as much legal dirt as possible.

Buy yourself a burrito or ice cream.  Everyone wins.

Climbing Challenge

How much can you climb in 1 hour?  In this competition we’ll use Strava to see how much elevation you can get in 1 hour.  There’s no completion here, it’s just for bragging rights.  But when we do it a second time, you goal will be to beat your last effort.

You an ride to any hill that you want and start your ride on Strava.  Plan ahead an pick a good starting location.  Make sure to start and stop you  Strava to stay within an hour.

Strava Map Drawing Challenge

Did you know you can make art with with your Strava rides?

This challenge is to make your own art with Strava.

  • Your group will ride and record it on Strava.
  • Someone from your group will post the ride to the slack channel #strava-art
  • The winner’s will be posted on Instagram.

Your Idea’s Here

It will be more fun if the riders come up with ideas for Adventure Rides.

Team Bikes

The team has loaner bikes to give out.  Due to COVID-19, buying new bikes has become near to impossible.  The team will do our best to get bikes to everyone who needs one.  The priority for loaner bikes is:

  1. Students on scholarships or in financial need.
  2. New Students to the team
  3. Returning riders

Trail Work

As in previous years, the team will participate in at least one day of trail work if it can be done is a safe and social distanced way.


Please see the team FAQ for general questions about the team.

[Answer other questions related to COVID-19 and the 2020-21 season here]