CCCX 2018

ECHS had a great time at Fort Ord for the CCCX Race #1. For many of the team’s riders, this was their first race!CCCX181.jpg

Expert Men 18 and Under: Matt Garrison, 1st; Evan Garrison, 2nd.


Sport Men 16 and Under: Enzo Nelligan, 8th; Nitzan Gladstone, 10th; Simha Furaha, 11th; Sebastion Alvarez, 15th.

Sport Women 18 and Under: Madeline Hill, 4th.

Sport Men 17-18: Daniel Huebner, 12th; Pedro Perez, 13th; George Smith, 14th.

Junior Women 14-18: Claire Sterling, 3rd; Maria Wallis, 8th; Elizabeth 11th; Helen CCCX185Stephens, 13th.

Junior Men 17-18: Fabio Argueta, 7th.

Junior Men 14-16: Eli Tipton, 17th.