Race #1 – Fort Ord 2018

ECHS raced on Saturday, February 24th at a sunny Fort Ord. After a scoring snafu that left ECHS without a chance to be on the team podium at the race, we ended up in second place! It was a really strong start to the season, with multiple podium finishes and two leader’s jerseys – both of whom were girls! ECHS also had their first Varsity boys race after multiple years without any Varsity riders.FO181

The course was about five and a quarter miles, with lots of short climbs and some flowy single track that amounted to about 500 feet of climbing – and no rain!

Out of the 20 riders that raced, four placed on the podium and nine were in the top ten.


Varsity Boys: Matt Garrison, 4th (podium); Evan Garrison, 7th.

JV Girls: Maddie Hill, 1st (podium, category leader); Claire Sterling, 10th.

JV Boys: Tal Zvik, 9th; George Smith, 33rd; Daniel Huebner, 35th; Sebastion Alvarez, 36th; Rota Maynard, 37th; Pedro Perez, 39th.

Sophomore Girls: Maria Wallis, 1st (podium, category leader).


Sophomore Boys: Keith Emery, 8th; Aiden Dey-Ward, 12th; Senan Hayden, 21st; Fabio Argueta, 29th.

Freshmen Girls: Elizabeth Cody, 8th; Helen Stephens, 15th.FO187

Freshmen Boys: Enzo Nelligan, 3rd (podium); Simha Furaha, 15th; Eli Tipton, 21st.