Race #2 – Granite Bay 2016

Race Report:

Race #2 March 20th, 2016

ECHS Raced at Granite Bay over the weekend, getting third place as a team! Good job to everyone who raced, as this was one of the most technical courses NorCal has to offer, and to race it in wet and muddy conditions is quite the achievement. The 6 mile laps had about 500′ per lap, and there were plenty of technical sections to keep things interesting.

JV Girls: Jessica Mast, 7th.

JV Boys: Bruce Tebelan, 10th; Justin Harnden, 11th; Hammam Abdallah, 14th; Lucas Van Eyck, 35th.

Sophomore Girls: Joan Nanono, DNF (injury)

Freshmen Girls: Abigail Cain, 14th.

Freshmen Boys: Matt Garrison, 2nd; Evan Garrison, 4th; Josh Harnden, 6th; Max Lambert, 11th; Tal Zvik, 16th; Daniel Huebner, 24th; Charlie Borreani, 33rd.