Race #2 – Laguna Seca 2018

ECHS continued a strong 2018 season with the second race, once again scoring second overall in the team standings – this time with over 4000 points! This is the highest team score ECHS has had, ever, and the highest non-Salinas team score since 2014. GO GAUCHOS! The impressive 5 podiums and 11 total top ten finishes prove that ECHS doesn’t shy away from the hills.LS6

The course is the same Laguna Seca course as last year, with about 4.2 miles and 750′ of climbing per lap, including Hurl Hill. Freshmen boys and girls and sophomore girls did two laps, sophomore boys and JV girls did three laps, JV boys did four laps, and Varsity boys did five laps.



Varsity Boys: Matt Garrison, 4th (podium); Evan Garrison, 10th.

JV Girls: Maddie Hill, 1st (podium, category leader); Claire Sterling, 5th (podium).

JV Boys: Tal Zvik, 4th; George Smith, 26th; Daniel Huebner, 27th; Sebastion Alvarez, 28th; Pedro Perez, DNF.LS5

Sophomore Girls: Maria Wallis, 1st (podium, category leader).

Sophomore Boys: Keith Emery, 6th; Nitzan Gladstone, 7th; Diego Andrade, 9th; Aiden Dey-Ward, 17th; Fabio Argueta, 18th.LS2

Freshmen Girls: Elizabeth Cody, 6th; Helen Stephens, 13th.

Freshmen Boys: Simha Furaha, 9th; Eli Tipton, 17th.LS3