Cycle Monkey

Cycle Monkey, owned by long time ECHS coach Neil Flock, offers team members an affordable option for bike maintenance. They offer NICA members a discount on parts and also make their mechanic available at a discounted rate. They can be reached at / 510-868-1777.

Cycle Monkey is a bicycle parts distribution company that focuses on unique high quality drivetrain products and has a skilled mechanic on staff for building wheels and bikes around the parts they import. Their mechanic has extra time available during their winter slow season, which corresponds to our team’s riding season. He has previously worked as a professional race mechanic and is up to speed on current mainstream bike technologies.

Please keep in mind that Cycle Monkey is not a typical bike shop and has customer projects related to their main business that repair jobs get scheduled around. They may also not have some of the common replacement parts in stock that a bike shop would have, but they can source almost anything in 1-3 days or install parts brought in. They guarantee expert level service from a seasoned mechanic and strive to turn around repairs as quickly as possible. They will be able to provide a time estimate after inspecting a bike. Please do not expect to bring in a bike the day before a ride or race and expect it to be fit it in same day/next day. Also, please do not bring in dirty bikes. They will not work on anything that is dirty and will either refuse the bike or bill time for cleaning it.