Team Captains

The ECHS team captains provide on-the-trail and on-campus leadership for a team with an unparalleled record of consistency and excellence over the years. ECHS captains are chosen for their integrity and leadership, helping the coaches with mentoring and support for such a large and diverse racing team. Perhaps most importantly, the captains are always available as resources for the other riders on the ECHS campus during school hours, something that coaches and parents cannot provide.


  • Be on the team for at least 1 season
  • Willing to fulfill all the roles and responsibilities listed below

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Passion and excitement for the team and the sport – The spirit of the team drives our success; captains are constant ambassadors for the team and the sport, so taking the time to talk to anyone about the team, mountain biking, trial advocacy, girls on bikes, etc, is important for the future of the team. Captains also show excitement for team rides and team events; if the people riders look up to are excited about going to spin and practice and races, then they are too.
  • Pre-Season Help – Help the board / coach during the pre-season with recruiting.  We need to recruit more girls.
  • School Club – Responsible for setting up the team as a club at the beginning of the season.  
  • Registration Day – Tabling at Reg day(s) and recruit other riders to join
  • Solano Stroll – Work and recruit riders to help at Solano Stroll
  • Monthly Team Meetings – Run monthly team meetings during season at school, as required by the school club.
  • Race Support – Make sure team is supported at finish during races
  • Race Chores – Make sure riders are performing chores on race weekends
  • Attendance Issues – Talk to riders who are having attendance issue.
  • Help Organize Practice – Assist organizing and taking attendance at practice when asked by the coach.
  • Knowing the rules – All captains are asked to read the NICA RuleBook so that they can help coaches and ride leaders with the task of keeping the whole team working within the specified league rules. This is important for training rides and races; for example, a Rider who accepts mechanical assistance during a race can accrue a costly point penalty, and a Rider who rides illegal trails can be disqualified from racing.
  • Fun – Help the coach come up with ways to make the season fun.