Virtual Races

Due to the pandemic this year, there won’t be live racing. Instead, we’ll be holding virtual races. What is a virtual race? A virtual race is a race you can do on your own and it is timed using Strava. You will follow a route with 1 or more segments. Your time will be the addition of all your segment times. The riders with the shortest time will place higher.

Details and Rules

  • Riders will be timed on segments using Strava.
  • The segments will only be uphills or flats.  No downhills.
  • The segments will not go through any stops signs or intersections.
  • Riders will ride the course and compete on the segments. You are only timed on the segments. So catch your breath between segments.
  • Your time on each segment will be added up. Shorter segments may have a multiplier. The person with the lowest time wins.
  • You will complete against others in your same category and sex. Example: Freshman Boys race Freshman Boys.
  • Ride safely. Hiker and Horses have the right away. The courses have been designed to only race uphill and keep speed around hikers low. You can always stop and go back to restart the segment.


To start racing virtually, you first need to create and OmegaByrk account and then register for the event you want to race in.

Register for an OmegaByrk Account

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Register and then create an account.
  3. Login to site
  4. Authorize OmegaBykr to connect to Strava

Register for an Event

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “View Events”
  3. Click on Event you want to register for
  4. Click on Rider Registration.
  5. Fill out details. Be sure to select your Team/Club and a category. You’ll be competing against other rides in your category/sex.
  6. Click Update and check the fields. If you see a mistake you can click the Rider Registration again and edit your entry.
  7. Get Confirmed. Make sure there is a “YES” in the Confirmed. Send Doug if you don’t see a YES before you want to ride.


EBVR 1.0 – Upper Tilden Challenge

Our first race is the Upper Tilden Challenge. This course is 5.78 mi and an elevation gain of 1,159 ft. We’re using this race as a sample to practice virtual racing and test out the OmegaByrk Application.

This race is open through December 31st, 2020. It takes place in Upper Tilden off of South Park. This is the perfect winter route because these trails hold up well to wet weather.

There are 3 segments that you are timed on. You can take a breath between segments. The segments are all uphill, so we’re not riding dangerously in Tilden. Please be courteous to hikers and other riders. You can always stop the segment and ride back to the beginning and try again.


  • Segment 1 – Start of dirt on Upper Big Springs to the end of Dirt on Sea View (Vollmer Peak) After riding segment 1, you can either go down South Park Road or South Park Single Track/Vollmer Peak Trail (for more fun). Please don’t take Vollmer Park trail in wet conditions. It ruins the trail. Use South Park road instead.
  • Segment 2 – Starts at the Arroyo sign on South Park and ends on your 2nd right.
  • Segment 3 – Starts at the split on Golf Course Trail and goes up Redwood Trail. It ends at the highest point before downhill starts.