Team Volunteer Positions

It takes a lot of work to run the team.  These are the positions we need volunteers for each year.


President (Board Position)

Attend monthly board meetings. Attend 2 SAF meetings per year or arrange for a substitute. Oversee the management of the team. Work with Board members and Head Coach to resolve any team issues.

Treasurer (Board Position)

Attend monthly board meetings. Maintain the team’s ledger and prepare budget summary and annual tax letters for sponsors. Collect dues payments and donations from sponsors. Collect racer hotel/food payments. Provide reimbursements for team expenses as needed. Maintain team PayPal account. Coordinate deposits and reimbursements with SAF treasurer.

Secretary (Board Position)

Attend monthly board meetings. Take notes and maintain records on Google Drive. Monitor to ensure the team trailer is insured and parked in a secure location.

Team Parent

Maintain team contact roster and rider files. Ensure that all riders have completed forms and payment necessary for participation: liability, medical release form, etc. Work with all other volunteers and Head Coach as volunteer coordinator to be sure all events and races are planned and executed smoothly.

Team Manager

Coordinate with Head Coach on training plans for riders, weekly ride groups, and supporting riders throughout the season. Help identify new ride leaders and ensure all ride leaders are up-to-date with NICA certifications. Create emergency cards for ride leaders to carry during practices. Work with Trailer Maintenance to ensure updated rider emergency cards are kept in the trailer.


Maintain the website with timely additions of information. Work with Team Parent to update registration forms at the start of the season.

Team Photographer

Be at all races (or find substitute) to capture race day activities (candids) and ALL riders on the course. Create folders on TeamSnap Media Tab and organize photographs (from parents and riders) in folders posting on the website and for use in marketing materials. Send reminders after each event or race to the team to upload photos. Responsible for official team photos and for identifying photos for end of year rider gifts.

Carpool Coordinator

Send carpool RSVPs for race weekends and every Sunday ride. Manage carpool logistics. For Races: place riders in cars/manage the carpool to ensure every rider is able to get to the venue pre-ride & race day. Bike + Rider should travel together. For Sunday Rides: Ensure there are enough drivers/seats available to take riders to destination rides.

Trailer Maintenance

Review, and organize contents of trailer prior to each race, label bins and shelves, etc. Coordinate unpacking and repacking of trailer at every race. Work with the Food Coordinator on a list of items that need to be restocked. (Team reimburses for purchase of communal items.) Work with Trailer Hauler to clean up/restock the trailer. Keep a set of trailer keys.

Grant Writer

Help identify, review, and write grants that will support funding ECHS MTB. See list of grants previously written for guidance.

Camping/Hotel Coordinator

Send Camping / Hotel RSVP request form to team. Secure campsites as needed and locate and secure blocks of rooms at hotels for team members traveling to races based on quantity needed per race (Racers must reserve their own rooms). Racer families will be responsible for funding camping or hotel stays.

Attendance Monitor

Monitor TeamSnap availability and track rider attendance.


Organize and send out a monthly newsletter during the season to alumni, sponsors and fans.


Feed Zone Coordinator

Be at every race or identify substitutes. Collect race food and drinks from racers, make sure the Feed Zone cooler is in place before the first race. Organize riders and parents to deliver in the feed zone. Return to the Feed Zone after the last race to pick up stray bottles.

Food Coordinator

Coordinate and set up potluck for pre-race dinner and race day food  (i.e., send SignUp Genius), monitor that there is enough food for all racers (even those who race late in the day), work with trailer volunteer to maintain communal supplies (to be reimbursed by team).

Race Coordinator

Be at every race or identify substitutes. Prepare warm up/race ‘schedule’ on whiteboard, ensure riders are accounted for and follow schedule; water bottles filled & labeled & in Feed Zone cooler prior to first race, write call ups on rider’s legs, remind riders to get race nutrition (if needed) & number plate on bike; any emergency mechanicals addressed with team race mechanic. Race coordinator will be the riders’ first go-to person and will liaise with the coach, if necessary.

Race Mechanic

Attend every race or identify substitutes. Step in for bike maintenance if needed for last minute ‘mechanicals’. Direct parent & rider to Mike’s Bikes stand at the race venue if necessary. Any bike parts supplied by the team will need to be replaced by the racer before the next race. Oversee team tools and supplies (chain oil and zip ties for example). Team reimburses for re-supplying. Help riders maintain bikes. Maintain Loaner Bike fleet.

Race Report

Prepare recap of race, highlighting team and individual riders’ contributions. It is important to be inclusive and positive. Send a report to the head coach for review prior to sending versions to publish on e-tree, 2nd block announcements, team, sponsors and webmaster.

Food Ware Clean Up

Collect team reusable plates, bowls, cups, eating utensils, serving supplies & team water bottles at the end of race day for washing at venue or at home. Ensure that these supplies are returned to the trailer or Trailer Coordinator so they can be repacked and ready for the next event.


Set up team recycling and green waste bins at each team event. Help keep the Pit Zone area clear of garbage throughout the day. Collect refuse/ bins for recycling or disposal at the end of race day.

Trailer Hauling

Maintain team trailer and tow trailer to and from team events. Work with Trailer Maintenance to clean up/restock the trailer. Ensure the trailer is insured and parked in a secure location. Maintain a master set of keys to trailer and all locks.


Sponsorship Coordinator

Organize solicitation of team sponsorships. Send sponsorship requests and follow up. Work with the treasurer to collect payment. Maintain good relationships with sponsors. Prepare thank you notes, and framed team photograph or plaque for sponsors each season. Work with Race Report to send reports with photos to sponsors after each race.

Fundraising Coordinator

Organize fundraising efforts for at least one event per calendar year  (ex: Solano Stroll, Golden Gate Field Dollar Days, CycleBar or other fundraiser) and coordinate student and parent volunteers. Work with the Board to develop new fundraising opportunities.


Pre-Order and Team Swag Manager

Team swag (sweatshirts/t-shirts) (in November). Requires working with suppliers, collecting orders and money from team members, and ensuring distribution of items when they arrive.

Race Kit Coordinator

Work with kit manufacturers on placement of logos (in October). Place team clothing order in time to get items before the races (late October/early November).

Fleet Bike Coordinator

Manage the team’s fleet of bikes loaned to riders for use during the season.  Work with the head coach to determine the number and size of bikes, liaise with bike shops to get best pricing, coordinate with riders to handoff bikes and collect paperwork.  Throughout the season, ensure that riders are maintaining the bikes with the help of the Team Mechanic.  Arrange for return of bikes at season end and offseason secure storage.  Track fleet bikes (who is using or where stored).  Coordinate sales of bikes with Team Mechanic and Used Bike Sales Coordinator. This position works closely with the head coach and board.

Used Bike Sales Coordinator:

Work with the community to accept donated bikes for sale. Work with team mechanics to get bikes in saleable condition when needed. Post on electronic sales boards (Nextdoor, Craigslist, eBay, etc) to sell bikes. Meet with buyers, negotiate when necessary, collect cash and remit to the team treasurer.

Nite Rider Light Order

Each year the team does a bulk order of lights from Nite Rider. Collect orders from the team.  Place the order with Nite Rider.  Distribute the lights to all the riders.


End of Season Party

Coordinate end-of-season party for team. Requires finding/reserving adequate site, working with food coordinator, working with rider recognition organizer, making arrangements with trailer manager to get team supplies from trailer.

Rider Recognition

Works with team photographers to create rider photo gifts to be given at the end of season party. Coordinate with the End of Season Party organizer to provide small gifts of appreciation for coaching staff. Collect money from families for coaching gifts, team reimburses expenses related to rider photo gifts.