Equipment for team rides

What equipment MUST a rider have on team rides?

  • Helmet – Make sure that it fits properly. Two fingers maximum should fit in the slack under the chin when it is buckled up. ( We’ll confirm this in the first practice.)
  • Gloves – Gel padding can help prevent numbness. Full fingered gloves are recommended for mountain biking to protect fingers better in case of crashes.
  • Glasses – Sport-specific. Do not wear glasses made with actual glass; this can be a hazard in a crash. Great options can be found on Amazon for under $20. Ask others what they’re wearing and where they got them.
  • Trailside repair toolkit – Build a kit: spare tube; patch kit; inflator cartridge or hand-held pump; multi-tool; and tire levers. A small saddle bag can be hung under your seat. Riders need to be self-sufficient, coaches assist when necessary but riders need to carry their own gear and be able to fix a flat (don’t worry, we can teach you!).
  • Lights (front and back for early season midweek practices).
  • Hydration pack or water bottle(s)
  • Snack food like a bar, dried fruit, or nuts that can easily be eaten on the ride.

I’m a new rider, what kind of shoes should I wear?

If you are new, you should start off the season with comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Right now it’s just dusty, but if we get rain it could be muddy.

After you are comfortable on the bike and as your skills increase, you may want to upgrade.

Most riders will end up wearing clip-less pedals with shoes like this.

When clipped in, your feet won’t slip off the pedal.  They are also more efficient because you can pull up on the pedal.  But they are expensive because you also need to buy new pedals.

Other riders prefer flats with a pair of mountain biking shoes.

Recommended Gear