Granite Bay 2/23/2020 – Violet Reed

Photo by Rich Hallock

I had a rough start in the morning and almost showed up late to the high school but the car ride there was fine.

Getting out of the car it was warm(60 degrees) which was odd because I’m used to it being 30 degrees. Getting warmed up was normal until I saw, Rowan an old competitor of mine. She’s a grade younger, so I was surprised she was racing high school. When we raced together in the past she beat me every time.

I was in the lead for the girls for the sprint and stayed in front the entire time. It felt odd because I had never lead like that before. 3/4ths of the entire first lap I was passing guys left and right and Rowan wasn’t even in my mind. I hit a pack of slow people and when I turn around she was only two riders back so I panicked and sprinted.

It was fine until the start of the second lap when I heard her breathing right behind me, so I stayed on my game. The entire lap she was right behind me, but whenever she would make a move to get in front of me I would dodge a head. I was coming around the last turn onto the sprint when I heard Enzo yell about someone on my back tire.

I put my last energy into the finish and Rich got this amazing photo. On my fourth year of racing at Granite bay I finally got my win (and beat Rowan).