Swasey Shred 03/08/20 – Lucas Nacamuli

When my alarm went off at 6:27 am I was ready to go. I quickly got out of bed and changed. Odin, Jacobo and I went down stairs and had the breakfast of champions, a chocolate muffin and sausages. Then I grabbed my stuff and loaded my bike on my car. Before I knew it I was at the race.

I road around for 5 min and than started warming up. A few minutes later I was lining up, I got a place in the third row. We sat there for about 15 minutes, the race organizer talked for a while but I didn’t hear. They counted us down and then we were off.

I got a bad start and was unable to clip in. I kept trying to clip in but I slipped my pedal. I finally clipped in and was able to pass a bunch of people. When we entered the single track I was behind a group of three. They were going slow so at the first opportunity I passed them.

The first lap was a blur I had a gap on the kids behind me but had no idea what place I was in. As I came around a turn I saw Enzo and he yelled, “your in 5th” at first I didn’t believe him. Going into the second lap I saw Lucan Keller from Berkeley and Joaquin were behind me. I pushed hard and created a gap but Joaquin passed Lucan and caught up to me. He stayed behind me for a bit and then passed me in the climb before the hairpin turn. But I stayed on his wheel until the climb through the jumps. The race was uneventful after that and I ended up in sixth place. For my first NICA race I was very happy.