Swasey Shred 03/08/20 – Odin Simms

After having missed two days of school and Friday’s practice because I was sick, I went into the race less confident than the practice races.  After the pre ride, I was exhausted, further worsening my confidence.  

My goal for the race was to have a good start and clip into my pedals.  On the day of the race, I accomplished one of these two goals. After successfully clipping into my pedals, I sprinted to the entrance of the single track and immediately crashed, causing a massive pile up.  I got back on my bike and started going again.

After completing a full lap and a half, I passed the feed station and going into the next turn, I crashed again and was passed by two riders. I got back on my bike, again, and finished the race.  I placed 20th. I wasn’t happy with this placement and felt like I rode pretty sloppy. I wish I hadn’t crashed twice, because I feel like I could have placed much better if I hadn’t. Overall, I can’t wait to keep pushing myself and ride better.  Congratulations to everyone who raced.