Swasey Shred 03/08/20 – Zephyr Wu-Zucker

I woke up on Sunday ready to race. The preride had been super fun and I was ready to do 3 fast laps. As other races happened, I rode around trying to loosen up my legs. 

I got to the starting area super early since I didn’t have a callup and was going to be in general. I ended up being moved up until I was right behind Axel who was in the B group. The first lap was a mad dash for position and I ended up right behind Ezra for a lot of it. Once we got to the feed zone, I made a move to pass him but immediately crashed on the loose turn after it and got passed by several riders.

My second and third lap were less eventful. Towards the end, I heard a familiar voice telling me to move; it was none other than Will. He, Keith, and Jens all passed me and it was just me and 3 Berkeley kids. At the very end, they passed me and I was mad because I knew that if I had been more careful I would have finished better. Finishing 16th out of 34 riders was ok, but I was disappointed in myself because I knew I could have gotten 13th if I had been careful. Not bad for a first race though.