Swasey Shred 03/08/20 Race Report

The ECHS Mountain Bike Team wins its first league race at the Swasey Shred in Redding, California. The race was at a brand new venue in Redding. The course was 4.71 miles and just over 400ft of elevation gain per lap. Freshman and Sophomores and JV girls did 2 laps, Varsity girls and JV boys 3 laps and Varsity boys 4 laps. It rained the day before, so the course was wet and muddy. But that didn’t stop the team from taking 8 podium spots and taking home the 1st place trophy. Our next race will be in Petaluma on Sunday March 22nd.

Varsity Girls: Maddie Hill, 1st (Podium); Maria Wallis, 6th

Varsity Boys: Nitzan Gladstone, 19th; Enzo Nelligan, 22nd

JV Boys: Diego Andrade, 2nd (Podium); Will Diego, 3rd (Podium); Keith Emery, 4th (Podium); Eli Tipton, 5th (Podium); Jens Hallock 7th; Simha Furaha, 8th, Zephyr Wu-Zucker 16th; Aiden Dey-Ward, 17th; Isaac Sterling, 19th; Fabio Argueta, 25th; Bennett Ilan, 28th

JV Girls: Elisabeth Cody, 8th; Helen Stephens 23rd

Sophomore Girls: Cate Flowers, 14th

Sophomore Boys: Finn Kaste 5th (Podium); Tristan Schonfeldt-Aultman, 7th; Dakoda Rosally, 13th; Jacob Gomez, 15th; DJ Kang, 30th; Miles Hansen, 37th

Freshman Girls: Violet Reed, 3rd (Podium)

Freshman Boys: Christopher Hill, 1st (Podium); Joaquin Chun, 5th (Podium); Lucas Nacamuli, 6th; Kaz Flanagan, 9th, Noah Barry, 10th; Tobin Powers, 11th, Jacobo Inciarte, 13th; Alec Obarski, 13th; Odin Simms, 20th; Felix Bloemraad, 26th; Tensin Tsering, 31st