2020-21 Season NiteRider Light Order

Hi Team,

Front and rear lights are mandatory for midweek Winter practices – this is due to the early sunset and being on the road. 

NiteRider is graciously providing a substantial discount on lights to our team again this year.  

Lights: https://www.niterider.com/collections/cycling and NiteRider Lights Brochure

Price Sheet: Below

Order Form: https://forms.gle/ivtdwhK9bTUhzS7i7

Like most bike related things, their inventory is low this year.  Avoid the items that say “SOLD OUT”.

Anything labeled Lumina Max or Bluetooth will not be available until January.  If you really want one and have another light to use until January, then you can order one.  If you don’t have a light ,order one in stock.

For new riders, you might consider a “Lumina Series Combo Set” that comes with front and rear light.  The “#7710 Lumina™ Micro 900 and Sabre™ 110 Combo” – this is bright enough for moderate trail riding.    I think REI has most of these in store if you wanted to go look at them.

We don’t have any night rides planned as a team, but if you’re interested in night riding independently, opt for the brightest light (or lights) in your budget.  Ideally, you would want a light on the bars and one for the helmet.  

I have used a couple of Luminas (one on the bars and one on the helmet) or a Lumina on the helmet and an 2200 race on the bars . Either combination works well, but the brighter 2200 throws light further down the trail so is better for fast descents.

Orders are due next Sunday October 25th.  We have to order next week to get the lights by the first Wednesday practice. If you miss the deadline, you can buy lights (for twice as much) at a local bike shop or REI. 

How to Place your Order

Fill out this Form for each light you want: https://forms.gle/ivtdwhK9bTUhzS7i7

For example if you want “Lumina™ Micro 900 and Sabre™ 110 Combo” and “Swift 300”.  Then fill it out twice like:

  • Doug Diego, me@email.com,  7710,  Lumina™ Micro 900 and Sabre™ 110 Combo
  • Doug Diego, me@email.com,  6786, Swift 300

On October 25th we’ll place 1 order for all the lights.  You can pay the team either via Check or PayPal went the lights come in.  Sales tax will be added to your final amount.  The lights will take about 5 weeks to come in.  I hope to have them in time for the first practice.

If you can’t afford lights, please let me know and we will work it out.

Let me know if you have questions.

Coach Doug