Exchequer Opener 02/26/22

The ECHS Mountain Bike Team earned third place in its first NorCal league race at Exchequer Mountain Bike Park in La Grange, California this past Saturday. The course was 5.8 miles long and had 540 feet of elevation gain per lap. All levels except Varsity Boys raced 2 laps, and Varsity boys raced 3 laps. All told, 22 team members raced.

Many riders camped in temperatures hovering around freezing before the race, but still performed strong and cheered each other on throughout the day. Their next race is on Sunday, March 20 in Salinas.

Here are our riders’ results:

Varsity Girls: Cate Flowers, 9th

Varsity Boys: Finn Kaste, 16th; Will Diego, 17th

JV Boys: Christopher Hill, 1st (Podium); Theo Borys, 5th (Podium); Joaquin Chun, 6th; Odin Simms, 10th; Noah Barry, 17th; DJ Kang, 19th; Tyler Ko, 26th; Miles Hansen, 32nd

Sophomore Boys: Neel Chandran, 27th; Andrew Ford, 32nd; Blake Christner, 33rd; Jalen Epps, 35th

Freshman Girls: Edda Grondahl, 3rd (Podium); Annika Borys, 5th (Podium); Gabrielle Walmsley, 24th

Freshman Boys: Jack O’Neal, 1st (Podium); Daniel Gansmiller 4th (Podium); Jaq Chin, 10th; Gabriel Sabatini, 21st