Modesto Flow 4/9/2022 – DJ Kang

I was going into Modesto, looking for glory. I did the preride and thought to myself, this course feels like a breeze. I got back to the hotel, hanging with the team and knowing I could manage my diet well the next morning. 

I made sure I had plenty of water and energy for the race. The dust was really bad, and much of it was getting into my face. The wind was also a big problem, with the dust and knowing it would slow me down when it came to the race. 

The race came. I started in the second row and am following the front pack for the entire first lap. In the second lap, I start to get tired, hot and got dust in my face, which makes it hard to breathe. I then know I just have to go as fast as I can, and not lose too much time.

In my final lap, I see a tired Andres Roberts and know I have a golden opportunity to pass him to get 9th place. Going into the final turn, I can barely breathe, however no one wanted it more than me. I pass multiple D2 riders and Andres. About 5 seconds before I finish, I throw up. I throw up again as I finish, and pass out at the end. Coming in 9th Place, was a huge achievement and knowing I let it all out, gives me nothing but joy.