CCCX 2/9/2020 – Lucas Nacamuli

As I pulled in to For Ord, I had a stomach ache due to stress and the croissant I had eaten. I was felling well rested (I had spent the night at my cousin’s house in Santa Cruz). I had woken up at 6am instead of 5am, so I was ready to go.

I adjusted my fork and tires and then warmed up with Violet and Odin. We went for a short spin on the first part of the course. I noticed that it was fast, but also pretty slippery. Before I knew it we were at the start line. It was unorganized and we started very late.

When the whistle blew I sprinted in to fourth, but fell back into sixth place by the time we got on the single track. I stayed behind the group that Zephyr was leading for the first lap, but I felt the pace was too high so I backed off.

I stayed behind another group for the next two laps. Going into the last lap I choked on a shot block and had to stop. I lost the group ahead of me. I was mad. I rode hard and caught up to 3 of the riders that had dropped me from the group. I passed them but in the final sprint. A kid sprinted past me, I tried my best to pass him but I was exhausted. I crossed the line in 14. Overall I really enjoyed it. It was not my first race, but it was definitely my best.